Jan. 29th, 2017

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Did moderately well today

A set of JBL speakers with subwoofer which I'll include with the 700mhz iMac since I don't have another set of the Apple speakers - big and heavy, but they were cheap and look impressive, hopefully will be a selling feature.

A Pentax MV1 35mm SLR, working but a bit limited, with a VERY nice 50mm f2 SMC lens, and a third party 28mm f2.8 which looked OK but turns out to have dodgy aperture control.

A very posh looking selenium exposure meter labelled

Posemètre REALT Photo
Système Poirette Breveté France et Étranger
Which apparently means

Meter REALT Photo
Poirette Patent System France and Abroad

It has four meter dials you can insert for different films, with a fifth usually covered by one of the others. Unfortunately everything is labelled in French, but hopefully there will be a few Francophone bidders out there.

And a couple of Cokin filters I'll keep for my own use.

I probably won't do much better than break even on the photographic stuff, but I got them from the same seller as the temperature sensors lat week, and I've already sold all but one - he thinks he might have some more somewhere, so I want to play nice with him!


Jan. 29th, 2017 09:41 pm
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Just listing the latest tranche of stuff I'm selling on ebay, accidentally described one of the cables as "DVI-D Dual Kink" and had to edit it VERY fast...
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Pointed out by gonzo21, a petition to block Trump from entering the UK, for the possibly suspect reason that having to meet him would be an embarrassment to the Queen. Started today, past 843,000 signatures already - Look at the page to see the rate they're arriving!


Note - you are supposed to be British or a UK resident to sign this!

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