Mar. 8th, 2017

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Received an email that might be of interest to anyone in the UK interested in games and game design etc.

GameCamp 9
6th May 2017
London South Bank University

GameCamp is back once more! London's unique unconference dedicated to all aspects of gaming culture is returning on 6th May 2017.

EarlyBird tickets are now on sale. Be sure to grab them before they run out!

As usual the unconference is dependant on its community to post sessions on the Big Board and drive the unique discussions and fun activities that make GameCamp such a joy. As a past attendee we hope you'll be able to join in :)

We also invite people to bring along games to demo or other things to exhibit or add to the atmosphere - just get in touch at if you'd like to bring along something big or small.

Tickets here:

I've been to a couple of these - not sure why not more - and they've been fun and the lunch included in the price was pretty good. Maybe I'll see some of you there.
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I think I forgot to upload the map I used for my D:WP session at Dragonmeet in December:

Low-res versionRead more... )


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