May. 2nd, 2017

ffutures: (Default) there any canon information on the origin of the three sisters in Despicable Me? I know there's nothing in the film itself, or its sequel, but I'd imagine that there may be outtakes on the Blu-Ray disk I haven't see, additional books etc. related to the series, and so forth. Anyone aware of anything?
ffutures: (Default)
I currently have 51 items on eBay, mostly photographic but also weird computer stuff, a couple of games, a load of Train Simulator add-ons, even some foot rests I originally bought for a motorbike in the eighties. And I'll probably be listing more in a day or two...

The original idea of all this was to declutter, but looking at this list a VERY large proportion is recent purchases etc., so I'm pretty sure it isn't working. The full horror is here, if anyone is interested:

I really need to actually clear some of this stuff out and tidy up...

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