Jun. 3rd, 2017

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 Yesterday was a bit of a loss, today was slightly better - for £13 including admission I got a Psion Organiser 3, four Apple UK charger cables, an iPod firewire charger, and a 28mm f2.8 lens - Contax / Yashica fitting so not incredibly useful, but I should make a small profit.

Meanwhile the battery and charger for the camera I got last week arrived when I was out, and it looks like I now own a fully operational Sony NEX-5 for about £40 including the camera, charger, battery and memory card. I shall have to take it out and play with it, it's a lot more advanced than my other cameras but I think I prefer an SLR. Where it might do well is in the same role as the Canon I got, for testing weird lenses, since the body depth is teeny. I could REALLY wish I'd picked this up before I'd bought the Canon and so far eight or nine adapters for other lenses...
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"You viewed this at £39.99. It was just discounted to £34.99"

Nice one, Einstein. I'm the [deleted] seller! Of two out of the three items I just got notifications on!

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