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I've somehow damaged the screen of my Nook Simpletouch. It's not too bad at present, just a blotch a couple of letters wide and high near the bottom of the page, but it's a bit annoying and I'm worried it might get worse. It's not urgent, but I think I'll replace it if I can find a cheap substitute - but it must be an e-ink based ebook reader, not anything with an LCD screen, the power life is too limited on anything like that.

I get the impression that this technology has to a large extent been sidelined by cheap android tablets etc., but if possible I'd like something a bit faster than the Nook and easier to organize - you can't organize books into "shelves" from the computer with Nooks - and Calibre compatible.

Any suggestions?

Take a look at Kobo

Date: 2017-09-24 10:00 pm (UTC)
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I can confirm they're Calibre compatible. Various models; the latest claims to change its spectrum depending on the time. The H2O waterproof ones do just that. Good for drizzly days as well as reading in the bath.

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