Jan. 22nd, 2017

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A TV aerial and SCART splitter I need for my bedroom TV - the new Freeview receiver needs a boosted signal and doesn't have SCART passthrough.

Two sealed packs of fruit tea teabags (short dated, but I doubt it goes off) for 50p - that's 50p for the two packs, not each. I haven't tried it yet and it may be horrible, of course...

update - tea is OK, not wonderful - a bit like hot ribena but a bit weaker and less sweet. I probably should use two in a big mug, not one, next time.

A camera rangefinder for £1.50

And eight USB temperature recorders at £1 each - list is £39 new, these are used but I just finished testing them and they're all OK, so I've bunged them onto eBay at £9.99 each, offers considered, we'll see what happens.

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