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Diana: Warrior Princess is one of several games included in the Bundle of Laughs, a collection of comedic RPGs on sale, partly in aid of charity, until April 14th 2015. The basic starter payment of $6.95 gets you
- Murphy's World
- Critical! Go Westerly
- Diana: Warrior Princess
- Elfs

An additional payment ($15.36 and up) gets you
- Kobolds Ate My Baby
- Low Life: Rise of the Lowly
- Bob, Lord of Evil
- Demon Hunters

You'll need a Drivethru RPG account to download the games


10% of the proceeds after gateway costs will be donated to the charity Reading is Fundamental.
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Drivethru RPG are selling another charity games bundle in aid of Doctors Without Borders and the New Zealand earthquake.

I'm not in this one since I don't currently have any products that haven't been included in previous charity bundles, but it's a worthy cause and they're offering $320 worth of games PDFs for a $20 purchase. Last time they raised $178,900.00 - The total for this one is already nearly $11,000! it'd be nice if this time they raised even more, so buy it before the offer ends.


later - apologies; this is for the Red Cross, not Doctors Without Borders
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Ages ago my school received a couple of datalogger sensors from a company that we haven't done business with in a couple of years. Unfortunately they're not compatible with any of our dataloggers, and we're not going to go out and buy a £300 datalogger just to use them.

Part of the problem is that we don't seem to have received a delivery note or invoice, another is the time that has passed since their arrival - for some reason nobody chased it up after I said they weren't ordered by my department, so they've been sitting around in a cupboard in the school office for months.

The bottom line is that I phoned the manufacturer/distributor today to try to sort this out and get them collected - and they don't want to know! They have no idea why we have them, they've presumbly supplied replacements to whoever really ordered them (if that's what the mistake was) and it apparently isn't worth their while arranging to collect them etc. even though we don't want them. I can sort of see the point here - they cost 50 quid each, but by the time they've arranged to get them couriered and collected, tested, added to inventory, etc. there probably won't be much profit in it.

So eventually I told their sales person that if they really don't want them back I'll sell them to raise money for school funds - and she seemed happy for me to do that, presumably because it means I won't be bugging her any more.

And as if by magic eBay have a "no listing fee" thing this weekend.

So if anyone wants a couple of breathing sensors for Philip Harris eLog dataloggers, list price £49.95, they'll be on sale on eBay real soon now...

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I've now sorted out my accounts on the Flatland RPG; after taking off the percentage that goes to e23 and Drivethru RPG I've ended up with just over £50, which I've rounded up to £55. There will be gift aid on that, which ought to take the final total to £68.75.

Ignoring gift aid, this takes the total amount raised for Doctors Without Borders from this project to date to £215; this is less than I'd hoped, but not as bad as I'd feared.

In other news, I donated blood for the 95th time tonight - confirmed again that I can't be considered for bone marrow donations since I'm CMV positive, which means that my cells can't be given to anyone with their immune system suppressed, but I'm still apparently OK for everyone else, and my blood can be processed for specialist procedures such as platelet donations etc. Aiming to pass 100 donations before I retire, ought to be possible if I don't have any prolonged illnesses etc.
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I forgot to say how much in total I've raised for Cancer Research UK and other cancer charities - but it's changed anyway. As of a couple of hours ago the total has edged up to £2000.70, excluding Gift Aid and funds I've raised by e.g. auctions at games cons, selling [livejournal.com profile] speakr2customrs graphics card on eBay, etc. I am, as you might imagine, rather pleased!

Hoping this total will rise considerably in 2011.
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Over the last couple of days I've been sorting out Forgotten Futures payments etc. for the last few months, and working out how much to give to charity. I'm pleased to say that with the help of several purchasers who added extra money for charity I was able to give £110 to Cancer Research UK today. There's an additional gift aid tax refund that goes to the charity on top of that, taking the total to £137.50

I should sort out the donation I'll be giving to Doctors Without Borders for Flatland RPG purchases over the weekend - probably about another £40 - £50, which was less than I'd hoped, but I won't know until I crunch the numbers.

Meanwhile, I've just been reminded that due to heightened security measures all mail to the USA has been flown by cargo plane since the end of November, which is leading to lengthy delays - I normally assume a week to ten days for US customers, at least 2-3 weeks is now more likely. I would really urge customers to go for a download if at all possible, it's cheaper (for you and for me) and a lot faster. It's likely that I will have to raise prices for overseas postal customers in April, the extra I charge lags far behind the prices I'm paying, so please think twice before you order.

Any customer who still hasn't received disks sent before Christmas should contact me for download details - given the current situation I'm not able to send replacement disks, since they will just be stuck in the queue.
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This was sent to me via an email digest which has stripped out some non-ASCII characters and replaced them with question marks etc. I've xxxed out a couple of email addresses and phone numbers, but can supply them if anyone needs them.

Drivethru's Press Release )


Feb. 5th, 2010 07:43 am
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Final tally on the drivethru RPG Haiti thing - it raised $178,900.00 for Doctors Without Borders!

Mark me as astonished and EXTREMELY pleased - because that strongly implies there's a good few thousand tabletop RPG fans out there committed enough to spend $20 and help a good cause. Now if I can somehow tap into that market...
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This morning I got an email from Drivethru saying that the Help Haiti charity games bundle has raised more than $150,000. For anyone who hasn't been paying attention, this contains about $1500 worth of PDFs, and sells for $20. Contents include the Serenity RPG, my own Diana: Warrior Princess, and a shedload more. They stop selling it at the end of the month, so if you haven't got it already, and have any interest in RPGs, you might want to think about getting it now!

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Here's the latest from DrivethruRPG on the Haiti relief package - it's already out of date since the current figure is over $100,000! I've bolded the bits that you should know if you're thinking of buying it.

I have to add that all of this has cheered me immensely because (a) it shows just how generous gamers can be and (b) it means that there are still enough RPG fans out there to raise such a staggering amount - I think that some may have added more money on top of the bundle, but even assuming an average of $25 that's at least 4,000 gamers participating, and probably a hell of a lot more that haven't so far.
Thursday, January 21, 2010

In an effort to hurriedly engage publishers and fans in a charitable relief action for the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic (following the earthquake that devastated the region), DriveThruRPG put together the single most amazing bundle of products ever seen in the RPG hobby's history. For a $20 donation, fans are given over $1500.00 in RPG books, music, and more.

It killed their servers within hours of going live.

As one fan put it, "I've never been happier to get an error message." The generosity has been utterly overwhelming, and the collective patience of the customer base has been greatly appreciated by the folks at DriveThruRPG.

"It is an embarrassment of riches of the highest order," said Sean Patrick Fannon, Marketing & Communications Manager. "We simply had no idea how huge this would get, and how quickly it would become a massive sensation throughout the gaming world. I've never been more proud of my community or my job."

In order to resolve the server issues, DriveThru employed a "coupon solution" that enabled customers to gain a code that would let them select each of the products in the original bundle for free download. With well over a hundred products, however, this became a tedious and frustrating process, and the customers rightfully complained.

As of now, a new coding has been employed, and now customers are getting all of the products that go with the bundles automatically added to their download lists. The folks at DriveThruRPG care immensely for their customers, wanting the experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. While the main focus is to get help to Haiti, DriveThru also wants to leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone who comes to the site.

As of this press release, DriveThruRPG has collected well over $56,000, which will be going to Doctors Without Borders for their efforts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The "Gamers Help Haiti $20 Mega Bundle" will be available until January 31st. Other relief efforts may continue as needed.

So far I've only downloaded one item from the bundle, the Serenity RPG - I simply haven't had the time to look at the description for every item yet, but there are several other complete RPGs and a shedload of supplements, things like a cutout paper tunnelling machine kit for Victorian settings and cutout figures, etc. etc.
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I added Diana, Warrior Princess to the contents of the bundle of PDFs that are being sold in aid of Haiti, but it isn't showing up. Not sure what's happened here, but very annoying!

later - apparently it's in the bundle but the list is truncated - full list is here

The list value of the stuff in the bundle is just under $1500!

Gamers, please publicise!
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Drivethru RPG are offering to match $5 or $10 donations to Haiti relief made through their site.


e.g. you donate $10, they pass on $20 to Doctors Without Borders. It's already reached $2,785.00

They're also putting together a VERY big "Help Haiti" bundle of PDFs which will sell for $20 - one of the PDFs it includes will be Diana: Warrior Princess, the nominal value of the bundle is already over $500. All proceeds from the bundle will also be passed on to Doctors Without Borders. This isn't on line yet but ought to be live in the next few days. If you put money in as a donation as above you will be given a credit towards the purchase of the bundle.

update Tuesday evening: This goes live at Midnight, EST tonight.
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I've donated another £100 to Cancer Research UK today, taking the total raised from Forgotten Futures and associated projects to £1778. This is as usual a gift aid donation, which means that the government adds another 20% or so to the amount donated.

As usual, many thanks to everyone who has bought games, registered, etc. and helped to support this charity - it's greatly appreciated.
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I got a royalties cheque from e23 yesterday which included my first payments for The Original Flatland Role Playing Game - I can't pay it in for a few days, but it seemed time to make my first donation to Doctors Without Borders. As near as I can figure it out my take so far is about 48 pounds, give or take a pound, so I've given the charity fifty pounds which with tax benefits will come out at about sixty going to the charity. Of course I'd like it to be more next time...

So if you haven't bought it yet, please take a look - and if you have, please give it a rating!


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