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Sorry I'm a bit late mentioning this, but the Bundle of Holding site
now has the Victoriana Bundle, featuring the Cubicle 7 Entertainment RPG of Victorian high adventure, gothic fantasy magic, and steampunk engineering. This offer runs until Monday, May 18.


PLAYER'S COLLECTION (US$12.95 - retail value $48)
- Victoriana 3e corebook (retail $25)
- + The Spring-Heeled Menace (free)
- Marvels of Science and Steampunk ($18)
- Darwin's Catalogue - Beastmen of Britain ($5)
GAMEMASTER'S COLLECTION (threshold starts at $27.95 - retail $86)
- Liber Magica ($18)
- Streets of Shadow ($18)
- The Smoke ($15)
- The Havering Adventures ($15)
- Jewel of the Empire ($20)

More titles will be added as time goes by, but the price goes up. If you buy early, you still get all the prices that will be added later. See their site for full details of how this works.

If you like Forgotten Futures this may be of interest.
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...was a bound volume of The Boy's Own Paper covering October 1893 - September 1894, about 800 large pages with a lot of illustrations, for £3.00

Condition isn't wonderful - there are a lot of loose pages which have been bashed at the edges - but it seems to be complete and there are loads of illustrations, some in colour, including fold-out double plates. Even in poor condition I would have expected it to cost £20 or more, so I'm very pleased. Haven't really found anything very useful for Forgotten Futures etc. yet, but still hopeful, and even if I don't it's a nice volume.
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In a comment on my last post [livejournal.com profile] i_kender pointed out that the British Library has put a shedload of illustrations from books on line for free use, as a huge flickr set.


For example, one of the first I found was a larger version of this:

an illustration from The Angel of the Revolution - I have larger versions on the FF CD-ROM, but there isn't room on my web site.

At the moment the quantity is vast and tagging is minimal, actually finding anything is difficult. But if enough people take an interest it ought to eventually be a very useful resource.
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A look at transatlantic cables from 1897, including pictures of the "telegraphic alphabet", punched tape messages, equipment used to lay cables and receive messages, etc. etc.


For some reason OCR on this one was a total sod, so please be extra vigilant for errors, there are undoubtedly a few I've missed. This will probably be the last article for a few days, I need to do something which doesn't involve staring at a screen for hours on end...
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A visit to the Yerkes observatory in 1897 - The Greatest Telescope on Earth by Walter George Bell.


It's an interesting look at one of the last big refractor telescopes, but formatting HTML for measurements in weird fractions of an inch is a total pain!

Let me know if anything looks odd.
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Another illustrated article from Pearson's Magazine - The Gentle Art of Killing, from February 1897. A "light-hearted" history of rifles, with some interesting predictions of their future.


Please let me know if you spot any typos, also if you have any problems with formatting since the layout was a bit of a sod. Thanks to everyone who helped with yesterday's article. I've fixed a dozen or so errors, about par for the course.
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Someone pointed me at this 1896 article by George Griffith, with illustrations by Fred T. Jane (of Jane's Fighting Ships fame), which I somehow managed to miss when I checked the first volume of Pearson's Magazine for scientific romances. The reason probably being that it isn't so much a scientific romance as a "prediction" of military technology. I've just scanned it and put it on line, please tell me if you spot any errors etc. in the text before I link to it properly.

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Queen Victoria's diaries have been put on line - all 40,000+ pages of them!


The pages are scans, mostly of the Queen's writing or copies made by Princess Beatrice, although some entries were apparently typed up by Lord Esher - all extant versions are included. This sometimes means that some apparently boring days exist in several versions, while e.g. the first assassination attempt (june 10th 1840) is only in Princess Beatrice's copy, and is occasionally difficult to read. But it's a staggeringly complete record of the period from a unique viewpoint, and well worth a look if the period interests you.
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Since Livejournal has given me a metric sh*tload more storage space for the permanent account I'm having another try at uploading pictures to the Gallery thing. Hopefully these will be better than my previous attempt to post the pictures - these are 150 DPI scans reduced to 75 DPI, and look a lot clearer than the reduced version Photobucket gave me. Still about 300k each, so watch out if it's a slow connection!

Read more... )

I've tried a web search on Francis Masey, the artist of the second picture, the most likely candidate seems to be a South African architectural artist - not sure of his dates but it seems plausible, he was active at the beginning of the 20th century and I suspect may have been around earlier.

I'd appreciate it if people could let me know if the pictures are visible to anyone else.

Anyone recommend a good tool for gallery uploads and management?

Oh, if anyone here isn't reading [livejournal.com profile] news you should know that all free users have been given space for 6 user pictures, not three, and that everyone else has now got more storage space. Which in my case, since I have a permanent account, is 10 gigs. Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm sure I'll think of something.
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I've found another picture in the Guesses at Futurity sequence published in Pall Mall Magazine in 1894-5. I'd missed it before because it's by another artist, Francis Masey, not Fred T. Jane who drew the rest, and they were indexed separately.

The two I've found since the last release of the FF CD-ROM are numbers 8 and 9, I've uploaded them to photobucket but they've been reduced considerably in size to fit into the allowed space:

Guesses at Futurity No. 8: A Dinner Party A.D. 2000. Menu of Chemical Foods )
Guesses at Futurity No. 9: A Street in the City of the Future )

I'm still unfortunately missing pictures 4-6 completely, and only have a poor reproduction of no. 7. All of these would be in volume 5 of the magazine, January-April 1895, so if anyone sees this on sale anywhere please let me know.

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