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Supergirl Returns #12 (part 2) - previous stories in this series are
On Twisting the Hellmouth
On Archive of Our Own
It may help if you've read the previous story, Five Dates Supergirl Didn’t Enjoy… And One She Did and the first part of Cat Chaser; This starts two days after the first part ends, and may not make a lot of sense it you haven't read it. I hadn't originally intended to follow up on the ending of Cat Chaser, but by popular demand this will eventually be posted as a second chapter on archives etc.

Cat Chaser (2/2) )

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This is basically a response to quite a few stories I’ve seen recently, and to a long thread about tropes in Buffyverse fanfic on the Twisting the Hellmouth forums; none of the drabbles are based on any one story. I’ve chosen to write about Dawn Summers, but it would have been easy to write something similar about most of the Buffyverse characters.

I can believe a lot of things in Buffy fanfic, but one I have trouble with is the super-competent Scooby, the idea that the characters will easily walk into any job that they want. There are sometimes a few practical problems - and if you're writing about a real job, you have no excuse not to do the research and find out what they are...

There might be even more problems if the Scooby actually gets the job!

Six 100-word Drabbles; all characters belong to their respective creators, soulless media conglomerates, etc. No warnings, apart from one slightly squicky idea.

Five jobs... )

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If you're a fan of the web comic Girl Genius you'll probably want to read this...

Sparkgate: Agatha and the Grasp of the Serpent God by Samarkand

Summary: There are nigh infinite variant timelines surrounding that of the Stargate universe we know. Most turn out badly as one choice or another dooms Earth. One, however, is unusual in that a chance refugee from another branch of Earth's many alternate universes provides some...unexpected effects. There may be maniacal cackling. There probably will be tesla coils. There most certainly will be elegantly crafted death rays. Discover what happens when the Milky Way Galaxy discovers what the Spark of mad genius can do. Steampunk and science fiction collide in...SPARKGATE! FOR SCIENCE!


Warning, it's a work in progress.
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Fanfic for [livejournal.com profile] houses7177's "post-it" challenge here

Minimum Necessary Change )

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Here's another Drabble in my Support Group series, in which a certain Key runs a help line. Read the earlier stories for more details.

Mutual Support )

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When I posted that I also saw this


It's now definite that Basic accounts will show ads to anyone who looks at them and isn't logged on as a livejournal user as of the 28th. This unfortunately means I need to find another way of generating a news feed for my web sites, since I don't want to show ads there. Insanejournal or similar is probably my best bet, unless anyone has any better suggestions..?
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I know it's been a long time coming, but here at last is the final part of The Key To Byzantium. All previous parts are here.

The Key To Byzantium - XIX and Epilogue )

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Here's another in my series of Highlander crossover ficlets - this one's a crossover with Stargate SG-1. The previous one is here

Five Deaths That Never Happened to Kenny - II )

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Since I posted the first story I've learned that Myles Ferguson, who played Kenny, died in 2000 aged 19. I think that it's a tribute to his acting that this character is so disliked, and hope that nobody will feel that these stories are disrespectful to his memory.
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Yes, I'm afraid it's infodump time again - had to happen sooner or later.

Previous parts are here

The Key to Byzantium - XVII )

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Wrote a little more of my BtVS / Stargate SG-1 crossover last night while I was waiting to meet some friends - it's not as long as my usual chapters, but I think it holds together fairly well.

Previous parts are here

The Key To Byzantium - XVI )

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Well, I seem to have woken in a fanfic sort of mood. So it sometimes goes... Apologies for the long delay.

Previous parts are here

The Key To Byzantium - XV )

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Okay... it's nearly a year since the last installment, for which many apologies, but here's the next part of The Key to Byzantium, my BtVS / Stargate crossover. Previous parts are here.

The Key to Byzantium - XIV )

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