Feb. 14th, 2017

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One of the car boot sales I often go to is in Battersea, a couple of hundred yards from Battersea Park. Usually I take the bus from a stop near the venue, but a couple of weeks ago the indicator said there wouldn't be another bus for ages, so I decided to walk instead, and on impulse cut through the park. Which would be much more fun on a sunny day, but never mind. One edge of the park is by the Thames, and when I got there I found this, which I either didn't know about or had forgotten existed:

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I really must go back in brighter weather and get some better pictures.
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I'd like to use my iPhone camera (looking down a microscope) as the source of video and my iPad to receive it via Wifi - I would have thought that Facetime would be the way to do it, but all of the examples I can find on setting it up are for messages between two different user. Any suggestions? Doesn't need to be Facetime if there's a better alternative!

Later - I've found an app called Epoccam that sends video from the iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac, that'll do almost as well. There's an annoying on-screen logo on the receiving computer, but it's good enough. But if someone knows something better...

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