Apr. 23rd, 2017

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This weekend was interesting - a couple of complete blanks, and some unexpected bargains.

Friday was the first bargain (I hope); a Zip 100 drive with power supply and cable for £7. Closely followed by the discovery that I don't currently own any 100mb zip disks, so I've bought one on ebay. The drives still seem to sell at around £15-20 (and I got £41 for my last Zip 250) so hopefully this will be mildly profitable.

Saturday was a disappointment - nothing at the Saturday car boot sale, got a couple of books in charity shops but nothing special. I really need to find more Saturday venues, I'm going to the same place too often.

Today started out the same way - nothing at all at my first stop - but the second more than made up for it.

Some boxed children's games (unused) which will be Xmas stocking fillers at 50p each
A 100-300mm Tokina AF lens for Pentax, with a polarizing filter, for £8 - and it works too!
An original Psion organiser for £2 - not tested yet, I don't have a battery.
Two old 35mm rangefinder cameras for £4
and two 1L Pyrex beakers (but probably aimed at culinary use, not lab, since there are no gradations) for £2

Also ran into Niece #3 there, which was nice.

So not a bad haul for the weekend as a whole.

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