Mar. 6th, 2019

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Because I have one photography program that only runs under Windows, which I needed on my laptop, I ended up using Bootcamp to make a separate Windows 7 partition etc.

Trouble is that rebooting just to use it is a pain, so much so that I've mostly managed without.

So I've just bitten the bullet and deleted the Bootcamp partition, and I'm now having a shot at reinstalling Windows under the free Virtualbox program, which is the same idea as Parallels. So far it's taken about 20 minutes to install the first 37% of Windows files - I may be some time...

Later - took a total of about an hour to get to where I'm making tweaks and installing software. Not too bad.

later - except that the software needs Net Framework, which is notoriously slow to install. Back to watching paint dry...
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Not a huge fan, but maybe someone's interested - a load of the "Black Library" novels for Warhammer 40K

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