ffutures: illos from the novel by George Griffith (Angel of the Revolution)
Pointed out by Brian WINOLJ - the original drawings for a set of illustrations that were in a 1906 printing of The War of the Worlds by artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa, which are in some cases better than the Warwick Goble illustrations of 1897 - Wells liked them anyway. Lots of pictures, scroll down the page. Yours for an initial bid of £350,000, more likely a million or two.

ffutures: illos from the novel by George Griffith (Angel of the Revolution)
In a comment on my last post [livejournal.com profile] i_kender pointed out that the British Library has put a shedload of illustrations from books on line for free use, as a huge flickr set.


For example, one of the first I found was a larger version of this:

an illustration from The Angel of the Revolution - I have larger versions on the FF CD-ROM, but there isn't room on my web site.

At the moment the quantity is vast and tagging is minimal, actually finding anything is difficult. But if enough people take an interest it ought to eventually be a very useful resource.
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With the Night Mail and As Easy As A.B.C. - The PDF


About 4.28mb

I think it looks OK and works pretty well, but please let me know if it fails to load properly etc.

Front and back covers are illos by me from Forgotten Futures 1, let me know if you think they're OK for this.

Please don't copy to other sites quite yet, I want to make sure there are no problems first.

I got this done in about 15 hours, which though I say it myself is pretty good going - more than half of the time was spent wrestling with bloody Word over the formatting etc. of the adverts in With the Night Mail!

Later Added an A.B.C. icon - another will be in a GIP comment, which is best?
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An engagingly loopy and (despite appearing in April 1903) I suspect seriously-intended proposal to build a an enduring tomb and monument of the Empire in London.


Anyone else get a strong Stargate vibe off the illustrations?

The reason I'm currently putting so much on line is that someone has sent me a long list of articles that seem to fit my selection criteria for Forgotten Futures, which I've somehow previously missed, and is helping with the scanning. It won't necessarily last...
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The English House of the Future is an article about the future of architecture in Britain - written in 1903, there are contributions by various architects, and a small essay by H.G. Wells, a little over a thousand words... for which his estate wants a payment of £100 before they'll let me put it on line. That simply isn't going to happen, so I'm considering my options.

Basically, without the Wells part it isn't very interesting, but does have a couple of nice pictures showing bits of London in various styles with "futuristic" cars and airships. But they really need the article to make sense. Wells' copyright doesn't expire until August 2016. So should I...

[Poll #1934616]

Later: What I've done in the end is mention that the article exists, and ask that if anyone knows of it being on line anywhere outside the UK they let me have the details, so that I can link to it.
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Thanks to the awesome book-finding abilities of Brian from Porcupine Books WINOLJ I have just ordered a bound volume of Harmsworth's London Magazine containing the original illustrated version of Kipling's As Easy as A.B.C.. It was serialised in March-April 1912, and is one of the stories that the first Forgotten Futures release was based on. It's coming from Canada so will take a while, but if all goes well I hope to have the illos on line in a month or so, and really high resolution scans on the next Forgotten Futures CD-ROM. Someone recently listed the first of the two issues on ebay at a ridiculously high price, £400, which is what prompted me to start asking about them - Brian found the bound volume (6 issues) in less than a day, and at less than a tenth the price including transatlantic postage!

Incidentally, the ebay listing includes a couple of pictures showing illos - I won't have the cover, they weren't included in the bound volumes, but the rest of it looks very cool:


I'll post again when I have it on line.
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Having corrected rather a lot of errors, my HTML version of D'Ordel's Pantechnicon, an essential read for anyone interested in Victorian and Edwardian magazines is now on line as


PLEASE let me know if you find any errors - I don't have links to it yet on my site, that'll come once I'm happy it's OK.

I hope to add a PDF of scans of the original book in a day or two.

Fanfic writers and RPG designers will probably find the later chapters especially interesting, especially Of the Serial Adventure and Of the Recital of Military Slaughter, and of Events affecting the Royal Blood

Later: May not be posting the PDF right away - it's 44mb! I'll have to see if I can tweak it to get the file size down without making it illegible.

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