Feb. 20th, 2017

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I thought of this today - unfortunately I wrote the game setting, the automata part of Forgotten Futures IX, in 2003 and it's a bit late to retro-fit it, especially since the name of an automaton there contradicts it. Maybe someone else can use it for a steampunk book or something, if someone hasn't got there first:

Historically the budget for the first British military steam automata was slipped past the Treasury as purchase of "improved mobile tea urns for field use." When the cost passed £2000 questions were asked in Parliament, and a committee of MPs visited the factory to investigate. The prototype automaton was hastily fitted with a hot water spigot and a punched disk of instructions for making tea. The MPs were delighted and actually suggested that it might be a good idea to teach them to fire guns too, for emergencies.

This incident led to two traditions:
  • All British military automata are built to make tea, if only by having a small electrically-heated pot built in somewhere.
  • British soldiers (and those of many other nations) refer to automata as "urns," "samovars," or the equivalent. Popular automata are often nicknamed "Ernie" in Britain.

Unfortunately the main military automaton in my game was specifically called "Automaton Atkins," Tommy to his squad, so it really doesn't fit in terribly well. But if someone else wants to use this please feel free - some credit would be nice though!

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..I didn't buy, because the Cash Converters shop I saw it in wanted £100+ and it had internal dust and what might have been slight fungus.

Tair-33, 300mm f4.5 with Kiev 80 mount for 6x6cm SLR. Huge heavy bugger. Annoyingly they didn't have the camera itself, I've always had a soft spot for them.

If anyone actually wants one of these, it's the Cash Converters shop in Kentish Town road - it may be on their web site too. They had no idea what it was at all, just look for Russian Lens and a price a bit over £100
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OK, if you like giant mechs this is probably for you, but I suspect that most of my friends who are into giant mechs already have most of the stuff here:


is a space opera set in the 31st Century, a future where humanity has spread to the stars and spawned titanic interstellar empires. Each nation in this factional, militarized universe controls hundreds of worlds spanning a thousand light years. Against a backdrop of Machiavellian politics, armies of BattleMechs, "tanks on legs," clash across the colonized planets of the Inner Sphere. Mercenaries are the wild card that can tip the balance in combat. Running the razor's edge between legend and destruction, MechWarriors possess the necessary skills and luck to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Initially published in 1984 as a FASA board game, BattleTech has become a multimedia franchise, with novels, computer games, toys, miniatures, and a roleplaying version that has gone through several editions from diverse publishers. This offer features the 2006 Classic BattleTech RPG from Catalyst Game Labs (originally published by FASA in 1999 as MechWarrior Third Edition).

We provide each ebook complete in .PDF (Portable Document Format). Like all Bundle of Holding titles, these books have NO DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and our customers are entitled to move them freely among all their ereaders.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The total retail value of the titles in this offer at launch is US$106.50. Customers who pay just US$11.95 get all four titles in our Warrior's Collection (retail value $51) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Classic BattleTech RPG rulebook from 2006 (retail price $18; originally published in 1999 as MechWarrior Third Edition) and three Field Manuals: Mercenaries (Revised), Crusader Clans, and Warden Clans (retail $11 apiece).

Those who pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $22.95 to start, also get our entire Gamemaster's Collection with five more titles (retail value $55.50) drawn from all three editions of the MechWarrior / Classic BattleTech RPG support line:

  • Interstellar Players (retail $18): The hidden organizations and societies that secretly influence interstellar events.
  • Sourcebooks for three of the great Successor Houses of the Inner Sphere: Kurita (The Draconis Combine) (retail $7.50), Marik (The Free Worlds League) (retail $15), and Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) (retail $7.50).
  • Periphery First Edition (retail $7.50): The many small and unorganized yet pivotal kingdoms and alliances at the fringe of the Inner Sphere.

At least one more title will be added after launch. When a title is added after launch, ALL customers who previously purchased the bundle automatically receive the newly added title, REGARDLESS of whether or not they paid more than average. This is their reward for buying early.

Not really my cup of tea, but I've seen most of these books at one time or another and you're definitely getting a lot for your money. But as usual I need to stress I'm not going to be paying for this stuff, if you are your mileage may vary.

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