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My laser printer has gone phut, it's been a bit naff for a while and I think that the main belt motor has now died. Since I need a printer before the weekend I'm going to have to order something tomorrow. My main requirements are drivers for Windows and Mac, preferably Linux too but not high priority, colour, networked, and duplexing if possible. But I'd also like lowish standby power consumption, and that's looking very iffy.

The Ricoh I have is no longer available, and I'm a bit dubious about another anyway.

So far I'm seeing a LOT of positive reviews for the Brother HL-3150CDW Duplex Colour Laser Printer, which is wired and wireless network, colour, duplexing, and goes for £145.18 inc VAT and delivery from eBuyer. Standby power consumption is a little on the high side, I'm hoping there's a sleep mode or something. Anyone know anything against it?


update Tuesday noon - since nobody has pointed out any horrible snags I'm going with this, should be here on Thursday. We'll see what happens...

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