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I was walking through the park this afternoon and it occurred to me that the Captain Scarlet theme song would work very well for Captain Jack Harkness, with some obvious changes. So needless to say there are already Captain Harkness vids on those lines - the actual wording of the song hasn't been changed, which would be the obvious next step, but the idea works pretty well anyway:

Is there a filk version somewhere with appropriate lyrics?
ffutures: (marcus 2013)
The theme song for the original Captain Scarlet series includes the line

Though the Mysterons plan to conquer the Earth,
This indestructible man will show what he's worth...

Except that I don't recall the Mysterons ever expressing any intention of conquering the Earth - their goal always appeared to be revenge for human aggression after they were brutally attacked by the first Mars expedition without any provocation. So pain, death, etc. yes, but conquest no.

Am I right about this, or is there something I've forgotten?

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